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DIY Lash Extensions Kit

DIY Lash Extensions Kit


  • Can be worn for serveral days
  • Can be wet
  • No Eyeliner 
  • Achieve the Lash Extensions look
  • Sleep with them


Step 1: Wash your hands and eyelashes prior to starting.

Step 2: Slowly peel lash clusters towards you. You want to start from the outer corner and then work your way to the inner corner.

Step 3: Apply the lash bond. Apply exactly how you would use mascara. Apply a thin layer of lash bond mascara. Wait 30 seconds for adheisve to become tacky. Do not apply too much, you don't want the lashes to start clumping.

Step 4: Starting with the inner corner of the lash line, pick up your first strip. Look downwards into a mirror, and carefully line the lash strip on your upper lashes but coming from the bottom. You want to apply below and not above. Make sure you leave about 1-2 mm gap between lash band and the base of your lash line. Apply the next strip so that it joins with the band and the base of the first strip.

Step 5: Take wand clamp on the lashes, reversed for 10 seconds.

Step 6:  Apply the sealant mascara 1-2 mm away from water line. This liquid makes cluster lashes comfortable to use and less likely to get dusty. Wait about 10-30 seconds.

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